A quick guide of Score Hero


The game Score Hero takes 94 MB in Android or 108 MB in IOS; you don’t need the expensive device to use it. You can play Score Hero in a normal mid-range device easily. Download by Approximately 10 million people who love to play it. If you want to know all rules, then use tutorials for help. It is very popular among youngsters because it is a good source of entertainment. The game is designed for every age person; you can play it in morning/afternoon or any time in a day. The game is also a stress buster for the teenagers.


In football, it is important to build the strong team, to win the matches. in place of wasting money on the rewards, you should customize the players.  My favorite feature in the game is the nationality option; you can represent your national team also to feel proud at that moment.  Don’t miss the chance to score a goal, because one goal can change the whole game. Try to achieve the all-stars in starting stages, and it gives help you to pass the difficult level.

  • Try to change the strategy after the bad game.
  • Spend your money on important things.
  • Watch videos to earn money in a simple way.
  • Be careful while passing the ball to another player.
  • Use the camera to zoom and get the right identity.
  • Link your game with the facebook account to earn more money.
  • Try to know the strategy of opposite team, to set the players on the field.


From my side, it is the best soccer game to play or the best way to reduce the stress level. If you are a new player, then clear all the events by own self in the place of taking help Score Hero Cheats.