For whom is the game of Toon blast for?


The lovers of candy crush have a new launched game Toon Blast which is of almost of the same category of puzzle game. In this game you just need to match the similar category of the bottles, ducks, or cubes to get to the new level. This game is designed for the lover of puzzles or those who like to play mind games.

How to play this game without losing lives?

As you can commence with 5 lives and you don’t lose a single life till you are successfully completing the level. You move to the next level with some rewards as a form of coins. But if you fail to gain the given target which is mostly on the top right hand side of the game, then you miss life. This keeps going on till the time you don’t achieve the target. Each life is given after 20 minute.

How to gain more coins while you need?

To gain more coins you have to fulfil the given target and you get coins and other boosters to play the next stage of the game. You are provided with the other option which is watching short add or videos when playing online or have internet connection.

Boosters and power – ups

You may also like to know about different power – ups or boosters to score good coins or to save lives. There are many types of boosters give to you as gift or score enhancer. Such as bomb, rocket disco ball and so on. With the help of combination of 5 or more similar objects you can get these types of score enhancer.

How to get 5 lives back

You need to play wisely to save your lives by playing carefully. But if it happens so then you can use these provided options:

  • Join team
  • Ask from friends
  • Use coins
  • Wait for few minute