Hay day: Gameplay features and user guide


Beyond any doubts, the Hay day is the best casual farming game in App store. It’s been seven years the game has been launched and still is a top-grossing game. Supercell has released so many updates, and all of them were loved by users. The game has so many features in it that farmer of farm can grow and customize the farm. The time of harvest and update time is fixed in the game until the player does not use diamonds to increase the timing of cultivating. Diamonds are a precious currency in game but using Hay Day Hack can offer a higher amount of it.

Gameplay and features

Hay day is proper farming based mobile game. Cultivating crops, trees, and bushes are some main objective of the game. Player can trades goods and animals also and manage the farmland. Nonplayable characters are the main part of purchasing goods. They reward good money as well as experience points.

Growing crops, maintaining animals, rewards experience points which help to reach high levels and unlock various resources. The game has more than 200 types of crops, and every crop offer experience points and coins although you can get it by Hay Day Hack services. In the game, there are two extra playing areas – the fishing lake and town. These places unlock when a player reaches a higher experience level.

Updating the characters is a very important feature in every game but rather than updating the only character, Hay day let the player update every resource of the game. This is why this game takes so long to reach a high level.