Here’s What People Are Saying About Hay Day


Supercell has developed a very successful game called Hay Day. This farming game includes lots of interesting characters those are liked by players. You will get a proper short farm which you need to enhance by using your experience. People those are newly playing this game should check out the other top players and their farms which are really big. Even sometimes they made a big village, which helps them to keep on top in the game.

No doubt, players can buy the coins and diamonds from the shop, but if you want to save the money, then Hay Day Hack will be an ideal choice for you.  People those are playing the game from many years they understand the use of the generator and still taking its advantage so you can trust it.

Gain XP

It doesn’t matter which game you are going to play. Make sure, the only idea to gain experience in the game is to earn XP. Experience points will give you the privilege to stay on the top in the leaderboard. If you are wondering how to earn the experience points, then you just need to produce and sell everything in the game. In addition to this, only your XP will tell that experience you had. Therefore, players should pay attention to the XP instead of other things.


As you know that the chickens give eggs which you can sell to the visitors. However, its process takes too much time. For example, an egg takes 20 minutes, and if you want to skip the time, then it required 2 diamonds which are very expensive. Therefore, players need to wait for this time — the feed of the chicken made of Corn and wheat. Nonetheless, players should first crop the wheat and corn in the field and cutting down them in order to use them for feeding the chickens.

Moving further, if you have lots of chickens on the farm then doesn’t forget to enhance the field area because the chicken requires more feed in order to it. Otherwise, they will die in case of shortage feed. Therefore, you should think about it.