How to Earn Currency and unlock Characters in Dragon Ball Legends?


If you are a Dragon Ball Legends player, then you should know about all the things that relate to it. The term all things here means that you should know about the unlocking process of characters in Dragon Ball Legends and also know the earning process of in-game currency in it. Therefore, here also you are going to introduce with the best and top-quality Dragon Ball Legends methods and tricks to unlock characters and currency in it easily without facing difficulties in it.

Now know some basic of Dragon Ball Legends. The game is considered in the genre of action games, and its size is almost 57 MB. Players can download it from their recommended game stores easily as it is present for both IOS and Android platform. Not only the methods and tricks in the same article but you also know some other fine things that relate to the game.

Know how to unlock characters in Dragon Ball Legends?

Well, if you want to unlock the characters in Dragon Ball Legends, then you need to follow the below-mentioned steps properly –

  • First, players need to go to the summon option and then select a single summon option or consecutive summons according to their choice.
  • After then they have to character shards and then unlock the characters easily in Dragon Ball Legends.

So, by following these steps, you can easily unlock characters in Dragon Ball Legends easily.

Methods to earn currency

Earning of in-game currency is very necessary for every game. Therefore, players need to earn currency in large amount. Below are some methods by which players earn currency easily –

  • Players can easily get currency and all other rewards in the game via the help of Dragon Ball Legends Hack
  • They can also get currency by accomplishing the objectives, events and challenges.

Therefore, these are some good and classic ways or methods about which every single individual need to know as they help players in many ways.