Real Racing 3 cars game to enjoy the real driving


The Real Racing 3 game is free to play with and there are lots of licensed cars to drive and play challenges. Real Racing 3 has several events which are cup races, sprints, speed challenges, drag races, and eliminations. There are many tracks to choose and have a race. After finishing, each race player gets experience as well as points and cash. In most racing matches, player may tap screen to apply brake. The accelerometer is enough to handle steering so player only needs to tilt screen to turn the wheels. Player can also does turn manual acceleration and complicated control schemes by using on-screen wheels. The game also provides many cars manufactured by different world’s renowned companies such as Ford, BMW, Ferrari, Audi, Mercedes-Benz and so on.

To handle the obstacles occurred in the game, Real Racing 3 Hack is facilitated to the players of the game. The player if use social media then can have good amount of game currency. The racing game also facilitates the gamers with some assist or help which are in built such as brake assist, steering assist and many more. If player does want to take help of these assist facilities then he she can turn them off. But it is good function that the game has.

Currency systems of the game

Real Racing 3 offers two types of currency systems like Cash and Gold. Cash may be used when to upgrades the system and functions, cars, as well as repair services. While gold is mainly used to pass compulsory waiting times. Player uses some gold tokens every time to level-up and to complete some important challenges, but player can buy them by spending real money.

Freemium model of the game

The different feature which this game offers that is Freemium. Player may have to spend time in waiting for a long time because of car damage and repairing takes time. However, the time can be passed by trying Real Racing 3 Hack or by paying money to play races of the game.